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Overview Time Track is a Personal Software Process tool to track time spent on projects and activities. Time is input with a Java Swing GUI and recorded as XML. The time is tracked down to the nearest minute. The idea behind tracking your time at this level of granularity is to improve your estimate efforts by basing them on historical data. Of course, minute-by-minute logs are much too detailed to be useful as a planning tool, so you need reports that summarize the data. Having the data as XML should allow you to easily create new reports by utilizing existing XML-based tools, such as XSLT.

Time Track includes a Reporter tool that generates HTML activity summaries using XSLT stylesheets. These reports also include SVG graphs, which the Reporter tool converts to JPG files for simpler inclusion in the HTML reports.

While Time Track was designed with software development in mind, it can just as easily apply to many activities where you have similar reasons to record how your time is spent.

To run Time Track:
  1. java -jar TimeTrack-1.0.jar data.xml
    The command line parameter is the name of the file you want to save your data to.
To run Time Track Reporter:
  1. Copy prefs.sample.xml to prefs.xml and edit it with your own color preferences. Hopefully the contents of the file are simple enough to understand. Colors are encoded as hex.
  2. java -jar TimeTrackReporter-1.0.jar data.xml [report_dir]
    The first command line parameter is the name of your data file. The second command line parameter is an optional path to the directory to save the reports in. The default is "report".
Downloads Downloads are available from the project's files page.
Examples There is a sample report here.
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